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Thank you for your interest in the TRiO Student Support Services program!  Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible. 

IMPORTANT:  You cannot save and restart this application.  You may want to review the applications, take some time to make notes and gather the required documents, and then return to submit your application. 

If you have any questions, please call our office at (714) 564-6843.

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Are you currently participating or have participated in the past in any of the following programs? (Check all that apply).
Academic Talent Search
Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS)
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
Guardian Scholars
Honors Program
Upward Bound Program

Educational and Career Objective:
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Academic Need:
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English classes(s) to graduate and or transfer.

What are some of the reasons you believe you would benefit from participation in TRiO-SSS Program?
Low GPA in high school
Low admission test scores
Limited English Proficiency
Lack of educational and/or career goals (undecided on major)
Predictive indicator
Unprepared academically for college level work
Failing Grades
Academic support needed to raise grade(s) in required courses
College GPA in 2.0-2.5 range
Completed high school equivalency (GED)
Out of school for over 5 years

Income and Family Information:
Parents Educational Level: *
Have you submitted your FAFSA for this school year?
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CERTIFICATION: I have read the requirements for the TRiO-SSS Program. All of the information provided by me or any other person on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to give proof of the information that I have given on this form, if I am asked to do so. Failure to do so may be cause for denial and/or cancellation from the TRiO-SSS Program. Additionally, I authorize the TRiO-SSS Program to monitor my financial aid status and academic progress.
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